Problems With Selling Online

The internet opened up a whole world of new possibilities not least in the realm of commerce.

Accessing a global audience was something which had never been possible until the last few years with the advent of the internet and its worldwide distribution. موتر تونس ثابت

Whilst the possibilities are endless, getting started selling online is daunting for all but the most knowledgeable and technical people.

There a lots of companies that offer starter packs to help get you up and running online. Software called shopping carts and ecommerce platforms allow you to sign-up, pay a monthly fee and get access to software which does the job for you. And it really does, the problem is that you need a degree in computer science to “install the software” and get everything running. For a beginner – shopping cart software and shopping cart scripts are a complete waste of time. Too complex, not enough help and will invariably leave you frustrated at having shelled out money and not made any real progress.

At the other extreme you can go for a marketplace, like eBay or etsy – they will allow you to create an account upload your products and the chance are your items will get sold. The problems with marketplaces is that they charge high fees to get you selling, a listing fee (paid upfront to upload the item) and then a final value fee (paid after the item is sold). All told fees in marketplaces can add up to 10-15% of the sale price – a large whack of money which you will be giving away for no real benefit.

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